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Lyrics and chords to old folk songs and favourites from the 50's on. Learn-to-play acoustic guitar and ukulele tips for beginners.

About this site:


I have been playing acoustic guitar for more than 45 years (yes, I?m over 60 now), and over the years I've shared my enjoyment with lots of people- some starting out with their first guitar, others re-discovering a guitar they had hardly played for years.

The acoustic or folk guitar is a wonderful instrument for many reasons- it can be very easy or very challenging to play; it is very portable, so can be played almost anywhere; it's ideal for sing-alongs or playing in a group; you can usually manage to buy one second-hand (or even new) for under $100, and it sounds great!

Lately I've become interested in ukulele and banjo, and having a lot of fun with those - so I've started adapting songs to suit those instruments.


Over the years, I have collected many songs which are good to play on guitar and sing, either individually or in a group. Some are very simple to as long as you can sing reasonably in tune, make 2 or 3 chord shapes, and strum in time, you can play!

About 24 years  ago, I set up a basic guitar class for adults at our local Living and Learning Centre. This has evolved over the years into a small group of singers/guitarists of varying ability and ages, who meet weekly to sing and play together, share songs etc. This has been a very rewarding experience- I highly recommend it if you have some experience, time and a venue.

The Songs on This Site 

I started learning by playing the songs performed by Peter, Paul and Mary, the Seekers, the Everly Bothers etc. These songs are still known and loved by many people, so they are still part of our repertoire. They mostly have fairly easy chords, but also lend themselves to extra right hand techniques, vocal harmonies, etc.

When first I started playing  guitar, we had to either buy sheet music or copy out all the words and chords of songs by hand - there were no internet, computers and printers, no photocopiers (and no Liquid Paper, even, so you had to be careful!)

Now I've started typing some of the songs up on computer, to make them a bit neater, so I thought I may as well share my versions with anyone who would like them.  I'll add more gradually, as I do them.

The Format  

There are lots of sites with thousands of songs already on the internet, but they can be very difficult to sort through- especially for less confident guitarists. I'm making mine as easy to read and to use as possible, so I'll put the songs in levels, starting with beginner songs and basic guitar information. I've also made the writing as large as feasible for easy reading!

The songs I have done so far are in PDF format- just click on the links to download each PDF file. Please note: the games and sheets are in .PDF format; the links will take you to a Dropbox folder, but you don't need to sign up to access the files!

Leave me a message in my Guestbook if you have any comments or requests, and join as a member* if you'd like occasional notification of new additions. You can also "Like" the Facebook page for up-to-date news or check out the Updates, News page - I post new songs there as I get them done. 



P.S. The black menu bar at the top of the page has links to all the pages on this site!


November 2011 Update-  Ukulele  Songs



 I have recently started to add songs and resources for Ukulele to this site. The songs are in the same PDF format as my guitar songs, with lyrics, chords and chord diagrams. They are also levelled to suit learners.

See my Ukulele Songs page for notes on playing ukulele, beginner ukulele chord charts and a list of songs to download (a mixture including easy songs, kids' songs and Christmas songs).   



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November 2012 update- the site has become too popular for the level of bandwidth I was paying for, so I have been trying various options to keep it from being deactivated due to over-use:

One option is to pay for extra bandwidth, which I have been doing in increasing amounts (any donations are very welcome, but only if you're using more than a few songsheets and can afford it).

Another strategy to avoid problems at the end of the month is to move the links to the Ukulele Songs (the most popular) to another site when the traffic is too heavy- so if you see "Ukulele Songs divert" in the menu bar, that's why;)

I'm also moving all the song-sheets (and photos) to other storage places, so the links will be changing as I get them done... please let me know if you find any that don't work!

It's been pretty stressful trying to come up with alternatives that won't close the site each month (or infringe too much on our family budget), but so far it's working...just bear with me if things go awry at times.


April 2015 Update:

Firstly a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to those people who have been donating to help keep the site going - every contribution, no matter how small, is appreciated!

Thank you too to all those who have left or sent messages - your feedback and encouragement are invaluable!

Now the main news (keep an eye on the Facebook page or Blog (Updates, News page) for new songs and more up-to-date announcements):


New Site Pages-

1) Songs for Oldies - suitable for sing-alongs with older folks:


     2) Beginner Banjo Songs - songs adapted with Banjo chords

I will keep gradually adding to these pages as well as the collection of guitar and ukulele songs, so stay tuned!



3) Feb. 2016 Getting organised - New pages -

    Guitar Songs - Levels   all the guitar song sheets arranged in Levels.

    ALL THE SONGS - a table of all the songs on the site so far, indicating chords in

                                     the song, level/s , and whether they are for guitar, ukulele or banjo.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the CathysChords Facebook page and/or blog (Updates, News page) for latest news and songs!

Dec 2016 Update - the site builder used for this website has been changed (not my choice!) and all the formatting has become messy, so please bear with me and excuse the horrible look of the pages while I try to sort it out!

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Please note that the songs on this site  are my own interpretations. They may not be accurate, and are for private, study purposes (so they are not intended to infringe copyright). They are not necessarily in the same key as the recorded version/s.

*This is a hobby site - I have no commercial links, so I will never send ads or pass on your details to anyone else. 

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