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Updates, news

Updates, news

The Mingulay Boat Song - for guitar, ukulele and banjo

Posted on December 11, 2019 at 11:35 PM

This is a stirring sea shanty which is good to play on on guitar, ukulele and banjo: it has a slow, regular pace, and the tune is easy to memorise. There are only 3 chords: D, G and A.

You may need a capo if it’s too low to sing (the Clancy Brothers recording is in Eb, so capo 1), or you could transpose to a different key to suit your vocal range (e.g. Key G: chords G, C, D).

I've written out 2 versions; the second has fewer chord changes, so is easier to play, especially on banjo.

Here are the links to the PDF song sheets:


gL 11_Mingulay Boat Song_Key D

gL 11_Mingulay Boat Song 2_easy Key D


uL 13_Mingulay Boat Song_Key D

uL 13_Mingulay Boat Song 2_easy Key D

for BANJO:

bL 11_Mingulay Boat Song_Key D

bL 11_Mingulay Boat Song 2_easy Key D

Here is a link to a recording by the Clancy Brothers:

You can find the sheet music here (Key C):


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