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1 Mar 2016-

The song sheet files are stored in Dropbox folders, but there has been a problem with access, ostensibly due to "excess traffic", although this seems highly unlikely.

As the links to the files have been frozen "temporarily" for 6 days now, and I have had no reply to my queries to Dropbox, I am beginning to store copies of some of the files in a different account (a time-consuming process) so that at least some of the files will be available until Dropbox allows the main files to be shared.

I will list the new links below as I do them- focussing on the newer song sheets and those that seem to be the most popular.

Let's hope there are no problems with these files!

5 March - The links to the files have been restored (I have removed the 'banned' jigsaw puzzle .exe files from my Dropbox folders), but I'll keep this page of links in case... though there should be no future problems with the main links.

Guitar Songs- back-up files

Ukulele Songs- back-up files